Jeff Sessions planning to run for Senate in Alabama

Jeff Sessions planning to run for Senate in Alabama News

Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican, is planning to fill up an Alabama seat in Senate, media reports say.

According to a source with knowledge of Sessions’ strategy, former AG “will come out forcefully in support of Trump’s agenda while denouncing Democrats’ impeachment efforts.” The source added that Sessions is already working on setting up his team. It is worth mentioning that Sessions as an Alabama Senator in 1997-2017 until he became Attorney General of the United States joining US President Donald Trump administration. Yet Sessions resigned later the same year over revelations that he held a meeting with Russian Envoy in the United States while being a Trump campaign official.

A number of Sessions’ potential rivals commented on the matter claiming that he was “another career politician that the voters of Alabama will reject,” and that “Alabama deserves a Senator who will stand with the President and won’t run away and hide from the fight.” Some have suggested that Sessions might become a front-runner as soon as he enters the race.

People of Alabama widely support President Trump, and therefore the result of the vote cannot be predicted as opinions about Sessions differ.

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