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Only a few announcements were enough for FBI Head James Comey to reverse this extremely exciting development of the US election. It was definitely him who affect the outcomes of Hillary Clinton who faces the prison again and Donald Trump who, due to Mr. Comey, has managed to clear his ties with Vladimir Putin.

Having his hear combed back, worn a black suit with jewelry as bags under his eyes (according to lack of sleep), James Comey seems to appear from the film about lawyers who investigate murders in the Wild West. Such vision of his figure the media had had before he was turned into the main villain of thrillers who blew the mortal strike on the sly during the climax.

Comey had to make it plain to the congressmen why he believed that ceasing the case on the e-mails of Hillary Clinton was important.

Then, Comey strongly announced: all the questions to the former US Secretary of State who used the e-mail as the means for job conversation were off. There is no evidence of Hillary Clinton to have provided state information through an insecure mailbox.

On October 28, the Head of the FBI James Comey also talked about openness. He said that new letters were discovered which should be checked for state secrets, so the case of the favourite candidate of the election race, representative of the US Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, must be reopened.

Moreover, on November 1, CNBC reported that Comey privately refuted Clinton’s loud campaign argument that her rival, Republican Donald Trump had close ties with Russian intelligence agencies or Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

This has completely changed the course of the election race. Although Clinton was a few points ahead of Trump, the popularity of both candidates is almost equal.

Supporters of the Democratic party candidate and a number of credible media that openly support Clinton accused Comey of using the executive power’s resource to influence the results of the upcoming elections. The credible “lawyer” has never faced such big accusations of violating the law.


The director of the FBI Comey experiences firsthand what to be at gunpoint means. In October 1977, 15-year-old Comey and his brother hardly became the victim of a serial killer who broke into their house on the edge of New Jersey, locked them in the bathroom and threatened to kill them. The brothers managed to escape through the window.

Comey later said that being one-on-one with the killer made him clear what the victims of crime feel. This predetermined the choice of profession.

Comey graduated from the School of Justice in Chicago, the same law academy which Barack Obama finished, who appointed him in 2013 as the Head of the FBI. Comey started his career in 1987 joining the prosecutor’s office in the Southern District of New York. He worked as an assistant to the US Attorney General for the Eastern District of Virginia from 1996 to 2001. In this post, he took part in the investigation of the Khobar Towers bombing, attacks on the U.S. Army facility in Saudi Arabia in 1996 which killed about 20 U.S. troops.

In 2001, Comey chaired the prosecutor’s office in the Southern District of New York, known as the main “battlegrounds” of terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking in the U.S.

Then, he faced the first thing that caused a national scandal. Comey participated in the investigation of the fraud of American celebrity, a TV host, Martha Stewart. She strongly followed a healthy lifestyle, however, she was charged with stock fraud. Her supporters believed that the case was “custom-made”.

That time, many people remembered Comey’s words he said about the television diva: “Martha Stewart is being prosecuted not for who she is, but because of what she did.”

In 2002, during the George W. Bush presidency, Comey took up the post of Deputy Attorney General. At that time, the “war on terror” occurred which Bush declared to the radicals in the Middle East. Comey quickly showed that his work style coincided with this cruel political situation.

Comey resumed the case of the American businessman Mark Rich, who Bill Clinton had pardoned in 2001, a few hours before resigning as president.

Rich was suspected of oil trading with Iran bypassing sanctions, as well as tax evasion totaling about $48 million. Comey conducted his investigation based on the alleged connection of Rich with the US Democratic Party. At least, the case was closed. But despite the unpleasant details that had been revealed, even Clinton admitted that a whirlwind pardon of the businessman was a mistake.

Besides, one of the pardon opponents was Advisor to President Clinton, John Podest, who now chairs the campaign headquarters of his wife Hillary.


As the US Deputy Attorney General, Comey became famous for his tough rebuff to then US President George W. Bush dut to which he had been the Democrats’ favourite for a long time.

In 2004, during the extensive anti-terrorist campaign following the attacks in New York on September 11, Comey refused to expand the rights of special services to spy on citizens in order to maintain national security. The US NSA and the Bush administration proposed initiative.

At that time, Comey as the US Attorney General fulfilled his duties. John Ashcroft, who has been serving since 2001, got into a hospital with pancreatitis.

Eyewitnesses of those events described the incidents dramatically. The White House got through the Ashcroft’s hospital ward who at that moment could not even get out of bed. President Bush’s voice came out. He demanded the prosecutor general endorse the necessary changes to the document.

Ashcroft’s spouse immediately called Comey. He rushed to the hospital when a legal advisor to US President Enrique Gonzales had already been there. Comey said that at that moment he was an official acting Prosecutor General and they should talk to him. Gonzales gave him a scornful look but left for the White House with nothing.

Ashcroft and Comey, together with then Head of the FBI, Robert Muller, made up their mind to resist the pressure and threatened George W. Bush to resign.

As a result, the President had to retreat, and Ashcroft signed the document in the form which the Ministry of Justice and Comey personally approved.

A year after, the start of Bush Jr.’s second term, Comey left the Public Service and worked as general counsel for the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin until 2010. Then, he joined the Bridgewater Associates Investment Fund while teaching at Columbia University Law School until 2013.


In September 2013, Comey returned to the civil service as the Head of the FBI which department was well known to him. The Bureau is subordinate to the US Department of Justice where Comey had previously worked.

The appointment coincided with the scandal surrounding Edward Snowden. At the beginning of June 2013, an NSA agent Snowden handed over classified information to the media concerning the huge surveillance of American intelligence services by citizens of many countries around the world.

Appointing Comey to the post of head of the FBI, President Barack Obama called him an example of “absolute independence and deep honesty.” Even at that time, it was considered as a kind of compromise. The new Head of the FBI had earlier rebuffed the NSA so the Comey figure must have distracted the public from Snowden’s revelations.

Then, Comey decided not to comment on the actions of the defector who eventually found a hiding place in Russia and is still hiding from American justice there. However, in June 2016, the Head of the FBI suddenly rejected any possibility of a deal between the US prosecutor’s office and Snowden.

Komi was remembered most for another paradoxical statement. In 2014, he stated that criticism of police officers and the publication in the media of stories about police cruelty lead to an increase in the number of crimes. In his opinion, the police begin to treat more carefully that contributes to the rampant crime.

Comey foresaw the “Ferguson Effect.” In 2014, riots seized the city when a policeman killed unarmed African American Michael Brown. Hundreds of stories appeared in the press about policemen misusing their ranks and the right to violence.

However, Comey still has no recipe for how to stop this vicious circle of police and criminal violence in the “ethnic” areas of American cities.

Natalia Veselnitskaya
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