James Comey: Too bad Mueller report didn’t get the job done


Former FBI Director James Comey stated Tuesday that former special counsel Robert Mueller’s 450-page report “didn’t get the job done,” reported Real Clear Politics.

“It’s too bad that having published a 450 page report that didn’t get the job done, but it didn’t. Folks don’t know what he found. And you can ask him in a simple straightforward way and get those details in front of the American people,” Comey said.

In an interview with Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC, Comey said that the investigation into Trump campaign started for “plain and transparent” reason and that there are many things which would “surprise a lot of people who have just listened to the attorney general and the president who haven’t read the report.”

 “I am at ease with the indisputable truth that we opened that investigation. I am at ease with the manner we did it and I am at ease with the manner Director Mueller and his team persevered it.”

Comey’s comments came one day before Mueller’s scheduled appearance in the House. Mueller will testify today before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, starting at 8:30 a.m. Comey, who previously revealed a list of questions he would seek answers to from Mueller, said that if he was a member of Congress, he would ask Mueller “direct leading questions,” which would allow for better understanding of his findings.

“I would either ask him direct leading questions to have him affirm key parts of the report, or I would ask him to read lines from the report — or both,” Comey said. “And this is a chance for the American people to learn what he found.”

“There were a lot of contacts between the Russians, who were bent on interfering, and the Trump campaign that was keen to benefit from that interference. That’s important. Those facts are important for people to know.”

On Sunday Comey tweeted that the upcoming Mueller’s testimony is a “great opportunity for both parties in Congress to follow up his example.” 

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