Ivanka Trump’s bill on women right was accepted


Ivanka Trump passed a bill on renewal of family code which was presented during her visit to Africa. It was aimed at making women lives more equal. Ivory Coast accepted her bill so that Ivanka was excited and very pleased due to.

“We are pleased to recognize and applaud the Ivorian government’s recent passage of the marriage law, which supports women’s equal management of household assets,” she said.

Ivanka Trump’s law bill was estimated her passage as a sign of possible impact of women initiative. It promts to strengthen women rights in developing countries by provided legislative and regulatory changes. The White House initiative on worldwide development and prosperities of women was begun in February and got its first investment at the rate of $50 million from the U.S. agency on international development.

During Ivanka’s meeting with Ivory Coast Vice President Daniel Duncan, she mentioned that she and her team gave a spur to a law passage on promotion of women rights and legal status including the interruption of laws which limited women from inherence and owing the properties.

According to review of a code, husband and wives will have more equal rights in managing of household assets and acception of financial decision, the protection measures from rape and establishment of the minimum age for marriage of 18-year-old people, as well.

Ivanka Trump has made a row of visits to other countries to highlight this problem that aided to expand economic possibilities for women.

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