Italian Envoy thanks Russia for critically important medical equipment

Pasquale Terracciano, Ambassador of Italy, expressed his gratitude to Russia for its help amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Envoy said that Russia has delivered to Italy critically important medical equipment.

“It is very important that all this medical equipment includes 600 ventilators, which are critically important at this stage of the epidemic,” Terracciano said.

Russia has sent 15 aircrafts with medical equipment and teams of virologists and epidemiologists to Italy, which is facing the most severe outbreak of the disease. As of Thursday, March 26, total number of COVID-19 cases in the country is 74,384, while the death toll is 7,500, which is twice more than in China.

Terracciano also addressed Italian national that are currently in Russia. For those willing to return home, Italy provides daily flights to Rome. «Those who plan to stay in Russia and whose visas are expiring <…> have an opportunity to extend their stay by filing a written request to a local office of the Russian Interior Ministry,» the Envoy added.

Vesna News — official website

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