Issue on medicine costs is becoming urgent

Donald Trump is becoming more and more tense toward critics to healthcare costs after the Administration proposal to lower the price on medicine. The candidates to the White House are going to focus on this issue more.

According to the fact that Trump could not manage to solve this problem, candidates put this problem ahead and take charge of it.

Some Democrats gave much promises on healthcare issues showing their intention to make major repairs  and complete government involvement.

Besides, such candidates as US Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who would cancel the private health insurance, participate in discussion on decreasing costs on consumers who buy medicine in the current markets.

Medicine prices directly depends on the consumers that make more urgent problem for electors that debates on structure of the healthcare system.

Trump is said not to make any deal in the Congress that makes his plan on medicine price too difficult to produce. Being in the top of the list of all the government problems, this issue is a chance for Democrats to put forward their own efforts to share messages.

Whoever gains anything politically out of this is going to have to talk about this (so that) it sounds like you understand. It really is a pocketbook issue,” said Robert Blendon, a political scientist at Harvard University.

US senators Kirsten Gillibrand showed her plan on price reduction of medicine. On Friday Democrat Amy Klobuchar denounced about her plan on lowering of medicine price for seniors. She also wants to contribute to treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and strengthen the stability of Social Security assessment. Warren has a Medicare tariff plan. Sanders is visiting Canada at the end of this month to highlight the difference in insulin costs.

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