Iran to UK: If such actions continue, consequences will be harsh


Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning the attendance of a protest in Tehran by British Envoy Robert Macaire.

According to the statement issued Monday, Iranian government views the incident as meddling with state’s internal affairs. “The Iranian Foreign Ministry views the attendance of a rally [in Tehran] by the UK Ambassador as an overt interference into the domestic affairs of the country, which runs counter to diplomatic principles,” the statement says. “The ministry calls upon the UK Embassy to immediately stop any interference into internal affairs and [acts of] incitement.”

Macaire was detained during the protest over allegedly organizing, provoking and directing radical actions, yet released after a few hours. Macaire denied all the accusations and said he was there to pay tribute to victims of the plane crash. British government quickly commented on detention of the Ambassador and said it was a violation of international law. Next morning Macaire was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

In its statement, Foreign Ministry said that “if such actions continue, the consequences will go beyond the summoning of the ambassador.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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