Investigation into Trump campaign considered to be “bogus narrative”


US Attorney General William Barr in a recent interview once again claimed that “the predicate for conducting a counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign” should be probed.

“How did the bogus narrative begin that Trump was essentially in cahoots with Russia to interfere with the US election?” questioned Barr during his interview with the New York Times.

American people are divided on the question whether the investigation was legitimate and the only way they could find that out is another investigation. According to media reports, the “Trump-Russia” narrative caused a lot of damage and now should be investigated all over.

The report by Real Clear Politics states:

‘The bogus narrative was far more effective in interfering inAmerican politics than anything a Russian Twitter army or hackers could ever accomplish.’

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find enough evidence that Trump campaign colluded with Russians. He is to testify before Congress next week and both Democrats and Republicans are hoping to get the most out of it.  

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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