India and Russia agreed about new payment

India and Russia negotiated about new means of payment due to their own national currencies to get rid of the US sanctions.

The agreement would allow India to put the first fee for 2 military ships which Russia builts for its float. Defense contracts will be estimated in rubles and rupees according to payment deal, reached by central banks of Russia and India.

While a new mechanism potentially paves the way to set billion dollars free in contract Russian payments, it can still depends on the fact whether India gets approval from Donald Trump not to impose the sanctions.

Russia faces with the struggle for maintenance of sales in strategic defense sector which consisted $19 billion, mainly because of the US sanctions which are threats for any countries that purchase weapon. However, the U.S. attaches only one time against China. Regarding the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia is a second-volume exporter after the U.S., which a 17% fall of foreign deals on weapon got in 2014-2018 during the lowering the acquisitions by India and Venezuela.

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