Impeachment trump


Trump seems to seriously want to be held accountable, no matter how insane it may look. There is talk among Democrats about what he considers the final constitutional crisis of arms in his re-election campaign. He demonstrates a very great effort to undermine investigations.

On Friday, the Speaker of the Democratic Chamber said that “the president almost every day demonstrates a growing obstacle to justice and a disrespectful attitude towards the legal actions of the Congress on the agenda in court.”

This political appeal is such that he is unlikely to worry about strengthening them if he brings him political benefits. Perhaps he no longer uses. In the same way, it is hoped, more moderate votes against democrats will be set up. – Trump on Sunday. – It was known as Russian deception, and it was known as Russian deception.

“The special services and democrats were seriously watching my campaign. It never happened in American history, and it all turned into real life, in which there were no obstacles”.

However, Americans do not want to survive the trauma of the impeachment drama for the third time in 50 years. Some Democrats are dangerous that the impeachment process can now play into the hands of the current president and allow him to rally the country against them.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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