Impeachment investigation into POTUS enters new stage


US House Democrats are now on a new stage of the ongoing impeachment investigation into the US President Donald Trump. House Judiciary Committee is set to take the lead of the probe this week and will hold its first hearing Wednesday.

House Intelligence Committee is set to have a vote on Tuesday after almost two months of closed-door and public hearings conducted to gather evidence in the impeachment case. Once the report by the Intelligence Committee is compiled and approved by its members, it will be handed over to the House Judiciary Committee. Yet the Intelligence Committee itself will still be conducting additional hearings.

Starting Wednesday House Judiciary Committee will take charge and hold its opening hearing. White House refused to participate citing lack of due process and fairness towards the president.

While holding more hearings and closed-door depositions, House Democrats are also drafting impeachment articles, which reportedly mostly cover President Trump’s attend to pressure Ukraine and get dirt on his political rival in order to benefit personally and politically.

When articles on impeachment are ready, House will vote on them and then appoint its representatives for the next stage of the impeachment which is a Senate trial.

According to media reports, House Democrats are planning to hold the vote before Dec. 25, which means that the Senate trial would start in January. However, experts claim that impeachment will not pass the Senate controlled by Republicans.

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