Ilya Zaslavsky

Ilya Zaslavsky is the People’s Deputy of the Soviet Union, a co-founder of the movement «Democratic Russia» and CEO of various companies and an expert on land and construction issues.

NAME: Ilya Iosifovich Zaslavsky

DATE OF BIRTH: 31 January 1960

 MARITAL STATUS: twice married


  • the Candidate of Sciences degree, N. Kosygin Moscow State Textile University.


  • People’s Deputy of the Soviet Union (1989);
  • the first Deputy Chairman of one of the committees of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1989)
  • an authorized representative of the Mayor of Moscow (1991);
  • a director of the Department of Public Affairs in Moscow;
  • Chairman of the City Expert Council;
  • Advisor to the First Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation under E. T. Gaidar;
  • a member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy;
  • a member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
  • Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and Deputy Chairman of the Gosstroy in Russia over mortgage lending (1998 – 2003);
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors in “Mosmetrostroy»;
  • CEO of various companies and an expert on land and construction issues (since 2003).


  • worked on a draft law on » the Precious Stones and Precious Metals » under the A. D. Zhukov;
  • worked on a draft Land Code (1998 – 2003);
  • was UN Disability Expert.

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