If Trump weren’t president he would have been charged, says Comey 


Former director of the FBI James Comey claimed that evidence in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that Donald Trump obstructed justice is sufficient to charge him, and we would have been charged if he hadn’t been the president. 

“There are a whole lot of facts in Bob Mueller’s report that raise serious questions about whether there’s a chargeable case for obstruction and witness tampering against this president,” said Comey when he was asked if he agreed with the conclusion of Mueller’s report into Russian meddling in to 2016 elections. 

Comey is sure that there are at least two episodes recorded by Mueller when president committed obstruction of justice as the key to obstruction charge is the criminal intent which Trump had. “The direction to Don McGahn to get the special counsel fired is to my mind a flaming example of corrupt intent,” Comey said. 

Another incident cited by Comey is when president Trump tried to restrict Mueller’s investigation to future elections. Such episodes are “examples that any reasonable prosecutor would charge,” said Comey. But as a sitting president cannot be charged with a criminal offence, Trump may be charged when his presidency term is over. When asked whether that should happen or not, Comey said, “I think the justice department will have to take a serious look at that. Whether that’s a wise thing to do, I don’t know.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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