Ideologist of Magnitsky Act found Russian lead on plumbers’ work

A scandalous British financier and ideologist of the Magnitsky Act, Bill Browder, wrote on his Twitter on Tuesday, January 21, that he was targeted by Russian Special Services.

Ideologist of Magnitsky Act found Russian lead on plumbers' work

In his words, the representatives of Russia’s Special Services on the guise of technical staff [plumbers] were trying to carry out a secret operation against him, but they later were exposed by the Swiss Security Service.

«They were posing as plumbers — when they were arrested, they presented their diplomatic passports and left the country,» Bill Browder said in the interview with Reuters.

The events described by Browder occurred on the eve of the running of the closed World Economic Forum in Davos where top businessmen, science and art activists, and politicians from different countries, as well, gather every year.

Numerous journalists from top world sources traditionally appear at the Forum. Politicians and businessmen, moreover, are escorted by their own press-office.

However, information about the incident has not turned up yet. The only source is Browder who claimed that he himself found out the upcoming secret operation in one of their local newspapers.

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