ICE raids separate mother with her four-month-old baby

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been conducting raid to deport illegal immigrants from the country. According to media reports many children were separated from their parents and left alone after the raids. One of such cases is a four-month-old baby girl left without her mother, HuffPost reported.

Migrant woman detained by ICE officers in Morton has been taken into custody and is now held in Louisiana. Three of her children are now with their father, who has to work and care for the kids by himself. The husband of the detained woman, whose name has not been identified, is also awaiting a deportation hearing, but not until 2021. As all of the couple’s three children were born in the US, they get to stay in the country.

According to reports, ICE officers arrested approximately 700 migrants, who had been issued their notices but failed to appear. Some of the detained migrants were released “on humanitarian grounds.”

CBS News reporters held an interview with Mike Hurts, the UD attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, where the raid took place. When asked why the migrant workers were detained and the American managers who hired them, which is against the US law, are free, Hurts declined to comment. “I’m not gonna say right now what the status of the criminal investigation is,” he said

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