House voted to restrict Trump power to strike Iran


US House of Representatives controlled by Democrats voted Friday to limit the US President Donald Trump’s authority to strike Iran, reported The Daily Mail.

House passed an amendment on a defense bill requiring President Trump to get authorization from Congress to perform any military operations against Iran. The amendment has not been passed by the Senate, therefore, the two chambers are planning to hold talks over it.

Ro Khanna, Democratic Representative who sponsored the amendment, claimed that it should be approved in order to avoid another war. “Frankly, what it will prevent is what this president promised to the American people not to do – to get into another endless, costly war in the Middle East,” he stated.

Another Representative Michael McCaul, a Republican, claimed that decision regarding military operations should not go through an overly long legislative process. “This will tie our military’s hands at a perilous time. We need Iran and its terrorist proxies to think twice before they attack Americans, our friend or our interests,” he said.

Justin Amash, who is an Independent in the House, joined the Democrats, summing up the vote to 251-170.

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