History repeats itself: US claims Russia interferes with election

Former US Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find any evidence of the collusion between then a candidate Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 US Presidential election.

However, the history seems to be repeating itself as American major media outlets have started talking about alleged Russian interference with the US election. According to anonymous sources, «Russia is helping Trump to get re-elected.»

The New York Times reported that the US intelligence services claimed during a briefing with the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on February 13 that Russia has meddled both with primaries of the Democratic Party and general election.  The lawmakers claim that Russia is allegedly trying to undermine trust of American voters in the US electoral system.

However, Trump’s supporters have denied the claims and stated that the POTUS’s stance on Russia is quite tough and that Trump is putting his efforts into strengthening security of Europe.

US Director of national intelligence has not made any comments on the matter. Yet, as sources say, Trump grew angry with acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire over speaking to Intelligence Committee about Russia’s alleged preference.

The POTUS reportedly emphasized that presence of Adam Schiff, who led impeachment proceedings against him, at the closed hearing mean that ‘evidence’ of Russian interference may be falsified.

After the hearing, Trump said he would replace Maguire with Richard Grenell, US ambassador to Germany.

Russian government have repeatedly denied all the accusation and stated that Russia did not and will not meddle with internal affairs of the US. President Trump also said that Democrats’ allegations were false and labeled all their investigations into the matter a «Witch Hunt.»

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