Hillary Clinton calls Nancy Pelosi’s speech “sexist garbage.”


Former presidential candidate from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton called on Wednesday on Facebook for refusing to stop the distribution of the edited video in a false way to present the speaker of the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi, who speaks delightfully, speech.

“The largest social media platforms know that they have their own system of foreign and domestic actors in the semester of separate manipulations that encourage extremes and expand disinformation, but do not take them seriously on cleaning platforms if it is not in demand by consumers,” put Madame Clinton during a speech at Hunter College.

“And we saw why it was so important last week when Facebook refused to shoot a counterfeit video of Nancy Pelosi. It wasn’t even close, the video and the sexist trash. YouTube deleted it, but Facebook left, ” she said.

“Let’s send a message to Facebook that those who are in Facebook communities would really like Facebook to pay attention to counterfeit and counterfeit videos before we improve them in the coming months,” Clinton said.

Madame Pelosi also orders a Facebook job to save the video on the site and put that company “publicly”.

“We all collected time, poor Facebook, they were unwittingly used by Russians. I think consciously because right now they are showing what they know in a false form. I think it’s wrong. I think they proved – without removing what they know, falsely, that they were voluntary assistants to Russian interference in our elections, ” she adds.

Facebook adds that it has published a graph that tells the user that this is a fake video, and “reasonably reduced its distribution by showing it below in the news feed.”

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