Here what infuriates Trump most of all after he has to deal with Nancy Pelosi

On Saturday the associate professor of New York University Cristina Beltran, appear, on MSNBC discussed vendetta of growth of Trump against the Speaker of chamber Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who reached the highest point in it sending fabricated video it on Twitter.

«He trades in domination policy», Beltran told. «For this reason it needed its state to make this confusing authoritative execution of servility to it and to tell that I am very quiet or very much — so that was in the same way as insult and confusing».

«And I think that it conducts his madman that Nancy Pelosi continues to win a cycle of media, again and again», she added. «And a part it, despite his comments it the madwoman that is seen by America, it does not control itself(himself). And it lacks control of an impulse in quite full way».

«And thus looking someone who lacks control of always, calls its type o if function — a look it, not precisely judiciousness, but its abilities in a question. And thus, I think that it — something that continuely in operation is to be here».

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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