Harris presents black eduction and business for $74,5 billion


Senator Kamala Harris presented two policy plans for breaking wealth gap among the black-skin Americans focused on the investment to high education and entrepreneurship. the Howard University alum offered “the next major planks in her Black agenda,” according to her campaign.

The Democrat, left the Howard University in 1986, is eager to put $60 billion into science, technology, engineering and mathematician education in HBCUs. 

the US Department of Education realized that Afro-American student got about 8% of all Bachelor degrees of STEM and 4,5% of doctorates. The department noticed that 6% of labours of STEM were black.

“We have to reverse this trend,” Harris claimed.

“With access to proper resources, HBCUs and other MSIs (minority serving institutions) can be hubs of activity for STEM research and learning.” The fact sheet added that “we can create a pipeline for ensuring that Black Americans are leading the research and entrepreneurship to grow our innovation economy and participate in the wealth that it generates.”

The $60 dollar proposal will be split into $10 billion on the infrastructure grant for building aid for classrooms, laboratories nad other objects and $50 billion for funding scholarships and research works.

Harris also vowed to cooperate with Congress to make grant for the fund of $12 billion and a technical support program to alleviate small business launch. The part of her entrepreneur plan includes forgiveness of student loan debt for those who start business in deprived communities.

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