Handcuffs for 8 year boy


The eight-year-old boy was handcuffed, according to a federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday, reports the Chicago Sun-Times

On the morning of March 15, Royal Smart was sleeping in his house with his mother, brothers and sisters and another family, when 20 special forces officers, six plain-clothes officers and five uniformed officers broke into the house, NBC News reports. It was about six in the morning, and outside it was 32 degrees.

According to the lawsuit, the officers surrounded the house with a warrant and told the family “to go out with a raised weapon for their own safety.” “Chicago police sergeant Rocco Alioto said that officers are looking for a machine gun with the potential to” pierce a bulletproof vest”.

The officers entered the house and turned over the mattresses, took cash and mail and left a hole in the ceiling along the entire length of the corridor to gain access to the attic, reports NBC News. A hole in the ceiling released a “plaster and toxic insulating filling,” with the result that another child in the house, Roy, had a two-week asthma attack.

When the family left the house, “the officers’ hands were loaded, and they had fingers on the triggers,” the lawsuit says, reports NBC News. Albert Wilson’s mother asked the officers to surrender “because of the presence of children,” but the officers refused.

All adults were handcuffed, with the exception of the mother of a 2-year-old child after she said that the child should be put on the ground, the suit says. Smart remained in handcuffs for about 40 minutes, while adults in the house were handcuffed for two hours.

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