G20 leaders to discuss COVID-19 outbreak

Leaders of the G20 are set to hold an emergency video-conference summit to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, press service of the US President Donald Trump reported.

The summit is to take place Thursday in a closed format. The leaders will focus on joint efforts to combat the outbreak.

One more topic to be discussed is ways of sustaining the world economy and mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The next offline summit is supposed to take place in November in Saudi Arabia.

The 27 leaders of the EU, new centre of the COVID-19 outbreak, will also meet by video.

Chinese authorities reported an outbreak of deadly pneumonia in December of 2019, in January the disease was identified as novel coronavirus now known as COVID-19. In March, the WHO declared the COVID-19 to be a pandemic.

According to the latest data, more than 433,000 people worldwide contracted the coronavirus, while the total death toll exceeded 20,000.

Vesna News — official website

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