Former Stone Assistant Appears in Supreme Court

Former assistant to Stone Andrew Miller believes that special attorney Robert Mueller was appointed to his post illegally.

In his opinion, he is not a “subordinate officer,” and, therefore, must be nominated for the presidency and approved by the Senate. He has already lost a lawsuit about this in the District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, but he hopes that the US Supreme Court will take his side and find the appointment of Mueller unconstitutional.

It is known that Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to the Deputy Prosecutor General Rod Rosenstein (because Jeff Sessions took his own part). He was not approved, but the surrounding judges and judges of the appellate courts agreed that Muller was only a “subordinate officer” and did not need to be confirmed by the Senate. Miller lost his job in February 2019. However, Miller’s lawyer filed a motion to adjourn Monday, so that he could file a motion to issue an arrest warrant to the Supreme Court. The proposal was supported by the National Legal and Political Center.

Miller turned against Mueller after he was detained for contempt of court after he resisted the call of the Grand Jury of Mueller. He lost to Mueller.

“Since the Special Adviser is a junior official and the Deputy Prosecutor General became the Head of the Department due to the fact that he became Acting Attorney General as a result of the vacancy caused by the Attorney General’s disability as a result of the refusal on this issue, we Consider that The appointment of a special lawyer is failing by Miller,” said the District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. «Accordingly, we confirm the order to find Miller in civil disrespect.»

Now this case is to be considered by the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it is likely that he supported the appeal of Miller.


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