Former Rio de Janeiro governor claims he bribed IAAF president to host 2016 Olympics


Former Rio de Janeiro governor Sergio Cabral said in a courtroom Thursday that he bribed former president of the International Association of Athletics Federation Lamine Diack in order to make sure that Rio de Janeiro would be the city to host the 2016 Olympic Games, reported Reuters Thursday.

Cabral paid $2 million to Diack, who guaranteed more than 6 votes, in fact Rio de Janeiro got 9 votes leaving behind Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo.

According to what Cabral said in court, he was instructed by the head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee Arthur Nuzman to pay money to Diack. “Nuzman came to me and said, Sergio, I want tell you about the president of the International Athletics Federation, IAAF, Lamine Diack, he’s someone who is open to taking bribes,” Cabral said. Nuzman’s lawyers claimed that Nuzman is not guilty, even though he was charged with bribing in October 2017. The investigation into Nuzman is still on.

Diack has previously been charged in Brazilia for taking bribes, but claimed he was innocent. Last month he was charged with money-laundering and bribe-taking by French prosecutors.

Diack’s lawyers have not yet commented on Cabral’s claim.

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