Focus on Alex Acosta and his “sweetheart deal”


Careful consideration to personality of Alex Acosta who made a “sweetheart deal” as U.S. Attorney in Miami that aided to get Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein out of federal prosecution in sex trade.

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney prompted Donald Trump to dismiss Acosta as

the continuing drip of damaging information surrounding the 2008 agreement Acosta struck to keep billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from a heavy jail sentence would hurt the administration.”

Mulvaney’s views cannot be totally motivated by an anti-corruption agenda. Mulvaney might have used a chance to avoid his political opponents whom the head of staff considered not so persistent towards Obama’s rules and suits at the Labor Department. The Wall Street Journal called Acosta for opposite the editorial page to permit the suits on civil rights against technical company Oracle to go forth claiming that the Trump appointee “would continue his predecessor’s depredations that seek to dictate how businesses manage their workforces and rewrite civil-rights and labor law according to the left’s identity politics.” 

Politics’ views were different which cannot be completely reasonable and fair. Senator Mitt Romney said that Acosta’s resignation “depends on the results of the investigation that’s gone on within the Justice Department” towards Acosta’s inference into Epstein. Senator John Cornyn claimed “we ought to reserve judgment until any new information is revealed.” Senator John Kennedy pointed “Questions have been raised about the plea bargain, why this pig [Epstein] wasn’t put in jail. And the only way to deal with them is to answer it. And if I were the secretary I would call a press conference this afternoon.

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