Flynn’s lawyer says case should be dismissed


Sidney Powell, lawyer for former US President Donald Trump’s adviser Michael Flynn, claimed that her client would not have pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI if law enforcement officials had acted differently, The Epoch Times reported Tuesday.

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in a number of cases in 2017, but then he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and was only charge with one count.

Powell claimed Tuesday that prosecutors had not provided Flynn and his previous group f lawyers with information that would be helpful in Flynn’s case. When Powell requested to provide the defense with the original draft of a form 302 from the FBI interview with Flynn, the prosecutors said they didn’t have the draft. Powell argued that the draft can be recovered from the computer system of the FBI.

According to Powell, it is not the first time FBI officials fail to provide such information to the defense. She also criticized the government for not providing full documents, but only a summary. Powell went on suggesting that failure to provide the defense with exculpatory information equals to government misconduct and those guilty of it should be held in contempt of court. She claimed the case against Flynn should be dismissed and and taken over by a different team of prosecutors. 

The prosecutors are now obliged to file a response to Powell’s accusations. The next hearing is expected to be held in October.

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