First crime in space

The US astronaut Anne McClain was accused of unauthorized access from the ISS to the bank accounts of his wife Summer Worden, with whom he is in divorce proceedings.

According to KPRC Channel, Worden filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission. However, she admitted that the funds from her account did not disappear.

NASA claimed they did not have information on the situation and refused to give any comments on the personal lives of employees.

McClain’s lawyer Rusty Hardin in turn told the New York Times that his client just checked the status of the account and wanted to make sure that the family finances were okay. In his words, the astronaut rejects the allegations. The lawyer also noted that Worden did not warn McClain about the ban on access to accounts.

McClain and Worden had got married in 2014, but four years later, they began the divorce proceedings.

McClain has been to the ISS for seven months and returned to Earth in June this year.