Female candidates have right to speak


Some political experts did not seriously Democratic Party Debates considering them as “chaotic”. The number of women take part has beaten the record for the whole time.

“Instead of one woman holding her own against a flock of male opponents, there were six.”

Last time only 5 Democratic women participated.

Donald Trump’s step on stage during Clinton’s speech confused audience. It was considered as a chance to scare her.

“This campaign, if one of the male Democrats tries that, you have the feeling a woman will elbow him in the ribs, or perhaps aim for a more tender spot.”

This Democratic campaign consists of all-round women but 2 among them stand out. One of these female candidates is US Senator Elizabeth Warren who “has a plan” on each political subject. It was not difficult for her to hold a conversation about arm control and health care problems.

However, California Senator Kamala Harris tangled with former Vice President Joe Biden that has become the theme of discussion for mass media. The further debate followed in Twitter when Donald Trum Jr retweeted a post by Ali Alexander who claimed that Senator Harris “comes from Jamaican Slave Owners” but is “not an American Black“.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Senator Warren and former Texas House of Representatives member Beto O’Rourke took part in conversation as well.

The issue on abortion was raised at debates that male candidates declared their support for abortion rights.

The opponents’ actions against abortion were considered as the attempt to lead to the Supreme Court. But Senator Klobuchar commented:

“I want to say there are three women up here who fought pretty hard for a woman’s right to choose.”

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