FBI investigating “violent ideations” of Dayton mass shooter


The gunman who started a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Sunday and was killed by police was “obsessed with violence,” says the latest report by Buzz Feed News.

The 24-year-old Connor Betts started a shooting near a bar in downtown Dayton killing nine people, including his 22-year-old sister, and injuring more than 20. Dayton Police Chief RIchard Biehl said Tuesday that “the materials reviewed thus far reveal that the individual had a history of obsession with violent ideations to include mass shootings, and had expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting.”

US authorities are now investigating whether Betts was “motivated by particular ideology” when he decided to commit a mass shooting. Todd Wickerham, FBI Special Agent in Charge, said that the FBI found “very specific violent ideologies that the shooter we know followed and was interested in,” noting that the investigators are also focussing on whether Betts planned the attack by himself.

“This community and our country deserves an answer as to why this happened,” Wickerham added.

The family of the shooter issued a statement saying that they were “shocked and devastated by the events of Sunday morning in the Oregon district” and offering their “most heart-felt prayers and condolences to all the victims, their families and friends.” They also asked for respect from others as they “mourn the loss of their son and daughter.”

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