FBI Director says China is ‘severe counterintelligence threat’ to US

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, claimed that the biggest counterintelligence threat that the US may face in the upcoming 2020 election is China, reported the Washington Examiner Wednesday.

Wray, who testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, said that “there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now.” He added that the threat posed by china was “deep and diverse and wide and vexing.” According to Wray, Russia goes next in the list of counterintelligence challenges.

In an opening statement Wray stated that the counterintelligence threat was “not just an election-cycle threat.” “Our adversaries are continuously trying to undermine our country, whether it is election season or not. As a result, the FBI must remain vigilant,” he added.

Talking about China Wray explained that Chinese Communist Party and the government were “fighting a generational fight,” and made “their way up the economic ladder” at the expense of the United States.

“We have, as we speak, probably about 1,000-plus investigations all across the country involving attempted theft of U.S. intellectual property, whether it’s economic espionage or counter proliferation, almost all leading back to China,” Wray said.

He noted that the FBI was “working extremely hard” to combat the existing threat and that the bureau have the resources and is prepared to handle the issue. “But make no mistake, this is a high, high priority for all of us.”

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Wray’s testimony came one day before former special counsel Robert Mueller’s appearance before the US House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.


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