FBI Director claims China poses threat to US national security


FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that China poses a threat to the US national and economic security, The Epoch Times reported.

Wray spoke at a hearing on US security threats on November 5 and said that China could be a persistent threat to United States as “Chinese government encourages and assists the abuse of incentive plans.”

“It is a significant uptick from a few years ago,” Wray said, particularly emphasizing a program of the Chinese government called The Thousand Talents, which encourages Chinese researchers who work outside the country to come back and get jobs in China. “It is a threat to economic security and to national security,” Wray said about the program. “

It is also a threat to American jobs, businesses, and big cities alike,” he added.

Wray’s statement comes after a report on US 2020 Presidential election threats, which also names China as one of the countries posing threat and seeking to meddle with the election. China comes in one list with Russia and Iran. “Adversaries may try to accomplish their goals through a variety of means, including social media campaigns, directing disinformation operations, or conducting disruptive or destructive cyberattacks on state and local infrastructure,” the report states.

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