Experts say: Russiagate was a big lie. Fraud of RUSSIAGATE – Part 3

Muller’s investigation

In a joint speech on LaRouchePAC TV on May 18, high-ranking experts from the National Security Agency (NSA) and the CIA said they were ready to tell the Congress committees how exactly Russiagate was created, – reports

William Binnie, who was the technical director of the NSA until 2002 and developed software for his observation capabilities, determined the testing methods and can prove that the correspondence of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) provided by WikiLeaks in 2016 was not hacked by Russia. As proof, he cited the technical characteristics of the format FAT.

“The chances that the files were not transferred to the storage device by someone with physical access to the DNC server were essentially zero.” The Binnie team found that the speed at which the files were extracted from the DNC server could not be reached or even close to it by hacking via the Internet. “It told us that it was not a hack from Russia, it was an internal job or someone close that uploaded data to a storage device and then took it physically.”

CIA veteran and State Department counterterrorism analyst Larry Johnson said the President “must demand that the FBI identify all human assets and informants who worked on political campaigns — not only against Trump, but also against other campaigns. And ask to declassify everything called FD 1023 reports: reports in which the FBI meets with a confidential human source and records what they said and what instructions they were given for future actions. “

More than a year ago, the president ordered the then CIA director Mike Pompeo to meet with Binnie “to get the facts” on this issue. This meeting took place in October 2017, but Pompeo was unable to extract anything from it. Although he asked Binnie if he was ready to meet with the FBI and NSA officials. So Pompeo, in fact, buried this important question, and neither Binnie nor Johnson was ever called to testify at any of the endless congressional hearings on Russiagate. “


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