Expert: Russian electronic warfare systems can suppress American satellites

Military analyst Alexey Leonkov said that having at its disposal a wide range of electronic warfare systems, Russia will lead in the course of any battle and can operate even in space, BulgarianMilitary reported.

Every year on April 15, the Russian Armed Forces celebrate the Day of Electronic Warfare Specialist — a professional holiday established by the Decree of the President of Russia of May 31, 2006.

“Western armies until recently believed that developing EW troops does not make sense, as a result they are hopelessly behind, so the Russian EW systems have gone far ahead and in fact have no analogues in the world,” Leonkov said.

“The Russian army has adopted the local-action systems that protect aircraft, ships, manpower on a limited area, neutralizing munition fuses, affecting reconnaissance systems, confusing homing heads, intercepting control systems of drones, and even those that affect space objects.”

According to the expert, in the coming years the importance of electronic warfare will only increase due to the increasing role of information technologies in the management of troops and weapons.

“So, DARPA (Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects of the US Department of Defense) believes that the main danger to space groups is the Russian electronic warfare systems, and the threat will only increase,” he said.

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