Expert called three goals of “threats” US “found” in Russian embassy


The Russian Embassy in the U.S. is eager to require an explanation from the State Department concerning the diplomatic mission of employees who are allegedly involved in hacking FBI communication systems, the press service of the embassy stated.

In particular, we are talking about Yahoo News material about “hacking the FBI communications systems and spy games in the United States.” A number of baseless accusations against diplomats and their family members in the article threaten their safety.

The publication refers to the Embassy wish to find the explanations from the State Department concerning such provocative publications that can lead to violence against members of the diplomatic mission.

The Embassy has drawn much attention to the authors of the article who did not provide any evidence of a violation of US norms and laws by the Russians, and called it “a clumsy attempt to justify the seizure of Russian diplomatic property through the spy mania.”

“The administration initially justified its actions by “Russian interference in the elections.” This “theory” is falling apart. That is why fables appear, ”the embassy said.

Aleksey Fenenko, Associate Professor of the Faculty of World Politics at Lomonosov Moscow State University, denounced that an attempt to create an “enemy image” from Russia is just an excuse.

“This all, including the case of “interference” in the US election, falls into the same pattern. They make an enemy from Russia – not just an “enemy in general,” but an enemy who takes concrete measures and supposedly threatens the very existence of the U.S,” Fenenko said on Sputnik radio.

In his words, the current situation reminds of an atmosphere of great fear in the United States.

“I think they for two purposes. The first one – short-term – is a further deterioration in the image of Russia. The second is to limit the rights and freedoms of Americans themselves in the U.S, for example, to close certain segments of the Internet, access to certain media,” said the Doctor of Political Sciences.

According to Fenenko, there must be a third goal – to prepare American society for the tightening of the confrontation with the Russian Federation.

The Yahoo News, citing former U.S. officials, claims that the placement of the administration of ex-US President Barack Obama to expel more than 30 Russian diplomats in 2016 was connected with the fact that some of them allegedly played a major role in the Russian counterintelligence operation. It is noted to have aimed at the FBI’s communications facilities and prevented from tracking Russian agents in the U.S., as a result of which the FBI and the CIA stopped contacting with some of their Russian agents. The operation has caused the strengthening of security measures on the main national security objects near Washington and other areas.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called these messages fantastic and referred their appearance to the beginning of the election campaign in the U.S.

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