European values during humanitarian crisis

Any global crisis would call in question the existing order, which has happened in the European Union due to an outbreak of deadly pneumonia.

The pan-European values once established in Brussels do not always correspond with the real ones of the EU members and the COVID-19 crisis is a great example.

Europe is now an epicenter of the major outbreak of COVID-19, which first originated in China. Italy, one of the EU members has been combating spread of the virus as the country’s death toll is not the highest in the world. Yet, when foreign parties agreed to send help to Italy, the country аround itself cleaned out by its allies, Poland and Czech Republic.

Media reports stay that the Czech Republic had seized a shipment of humanitarian aid sent by China to Italy. Czechs did not even hesitate to use the stolen cargo for its own needs. And Poland had banned Russian aircraft carrying virologists and medical equipment to Italy from using its airspace.

This situation makes it clear that old Europe no longer exists. The crisis shows the essence of pan-European values, which work only in conditions of stability and well-being, yet are easily forgotten once the crisis occurs. It also applies to the open borders that Brussels was so proud of, the countries closed their borders in efforts to isolate themselves and stand on the verge of rolling back to traditional nation states, as the UK has already done.

Vesna News — official website

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