Erdogan: Trump has rights not to impose sanctions over Turkey


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that US President Donald Trump has the authority not to impose sanctions over Turkey according to the purchase of Russian air defense systems by Ankara. He urged Trump to find a compromise in this dispute.

Trump understood Turkey’s position when he met with Erdogan at the G-20 summit in Japan in June of this year. The US president said that Ankara bought S-400 complexes from Moscow because the previous US administration did not sell Raytheon’s Patriot systems to it.

Now I don’t believe that Trump has the same opinion as his subordinates, and he had  declared this before all the world media. Purchasing the S-400, we are not preparing for war. We try to guarantee peace and our national security,” Erdogan claimed.

Despite Trump’s warm words, US officials said that the administration intends to act.

In the interview with the Washington Post US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced that “the law requires sanctions to be imposed, and I am sure that we will follow the law, and President Trump will as well.

US officials say that, in addition to the sanctions, Turkey can also be excluded from the program associated with the F-35 fighter jets. It will mean that it will no longer participate in the production of fighters and will not be able to purchase the aircraft that it has already ordered.

According to Erdogan, both countries the U.S. and Turkey should aspire to expand trade, working on “comprehensive defense cooperation.”

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