Elizabeth Warren as Twitter trend


Elizabeth Warren has become a Twitter hashtag. Due to 30000 tweets, #PresidentElizabethWarren has put in trends.

Warren’s campaign posted a short video in Twitter of a 70-year-old woman calling herself Elizabeth Warren, comparing herself with Donald Trump politics on immigration.

To anyone out there who’s working in this system, understand you abuse immigrants, you physically abuse immigrants, you sexually abuse immigrants,” she claimed.

In her words, they do not protect them with medical assessments, in that way they breach the US law.

On my first day, I will empower a commission in the Department of Justice to investigate crimes committed by the United States against immigrants,” she promised.

She is getting her comments after presentation of her plan within her 2020 campaign which will renew immigration  and customs enforcement, decriminalize illegal borders and realize above committee on crime investigation against immigrants.She intends to stick to the standards of proper right procedure.

I’ll reshape CBP and ICE from top to bottom, focusing their efforts on homeland security efforts like screening cargo, identifying counterfeit goods, and preventing smuggling and trafficking,” she said.

To succeed her plan she is going to “strengthen the authorities of independent internal watchdogs to prevent future abuses.”

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