Driver for Trump

The truck driver tells CNN that he is «100 percent» voting for trump in 2020 — for example, when he becomes an early trader in a few hours of war.

Mark Zimmerman, COO of Zimmerman Truck Lines, a Pennsylvania-based freight company that admitted to voting for trump in 2020, doesn’t matter.

In an interview with CNN, Zimmerman admitted that his business is a «challenge» and that «every day we come to work is a struggle.» Bill Weir (Bill Weir) from CNN, which is that the war between the United States and the United States has reduced the demand for truck services.

«Industry data shows that freight rates are reduced by 17 percent,» Weir writes.

According to him, compared to last year, his business fell by 8%.

But Zimmerman did not hesitate.

«I am 100% sure that the voice of President trump in 2020,» he said.

At the end of his segment, Weir guessed why trump supporters like Zimmerman were supporting him, despite the fact that he was lending financially.

«They don’t consider it a failure,» he said. «They see him fighting for them.»

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