Donald Trump: We’re the policeman for the whole world


US President Donald Trump claimed that America is “the policeman for the whole world.” 
In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News published Monday, President Trump talked about current situations in Afghanistan, Iran and many other issues. When asked about the US troops in Afghanistan, President Trump said that he had pulled a lot of US troops out.

“We were at 16,000. We’re down to about 9,000, which a lot of people don’t know,” said Trump. “In Syria, as you know, I’ve pulled most of them out,” he added.

Trump went on explaining that the US troops have been in Afghanistan for 19 years and now it is the time to get out. “We want to get out. We want to get out of a lot of areas that we’re in. We shouldn’t be there. We shouldn’t be there. We’re the policeman for the whole world.”

According to President Trump, the US is the only country that does police the world. “You know, if you look at Russia, Russia doesn’t police the world. They police Russia. You look at China. They don’t police. They don’t have troops everywhere. What they have is, they have people taking out the minerals out of the ground. They don’t have troops.”

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