Donald Trump signs executive order to expand counterterrorism sanctions


US President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday to expand counterterrorism sanctions and allow the US target leaders of terrorist groups, the Hill reported.

“Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that they risk sanctions if they knowingly conduct or facilitate any significant transactions with designated terrorist and terrorist enablers,” Trump said when signing the order.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, and Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, briefed the reporters on the issue. According to Pompeo, under the new order terrorist leaders can be targeted directly without being tied to any specific acts. The order “more effectively and efficiently targets individuals and entities who participate in terrorist training, and provides new authorities to impose sanctions on foreign financial institutions that knowingly do business with terrorists.”

Mnuchin stated that the new order “greatly enhances our ability to identify, sanction and deter perpetrators of terrorism worldwide.”

The Treasury Department has already sanctioned a number of individuals and entities related to terrorist groups. The list of sanctioned was announced along with the new order terms.

Pompeo said that signing the order was “the most significant update” since the September 11 attack.

“Today’s executive order … adds further muscle to U.S. counterterrorism efforts,” he said. “It will help us to ensure that the deadly attacks of Sept. 11 that occurred 18 years ago this week will never be repeated on American soil,” he said.

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