Donald Trump says he wants ASAP Rocky situation resolved

US President Donald Trump claimed he would talk to the Prime Minister of Sweden about the release of an American rapper ASAP Rocky.

ASAP Rocky, who was arrested on suspicion of assault, has been detained in Swedish jail since July 3 without charges. ASAP claimed that his actions were self-defense as two young men, who are also staying in custody, tried to harass him, reported BBC. According to the Stockholm District Court, Swedish authorities would detain the rapper until July 25, while the prosecutors are deciding whether or not to charge him. Swedish prosecutor Daniel Suneson claimed that ASAP should be in prison “because of the flight risk.” “This gives us time to complete the investigation,” he added.

President Trump claimed Thursday that he would resolve the issue. “We’ve already started,” he said.

“Many, many members of the African American community have called me, friends of mine, and said, ‘Could you help?’ So I personally don’t know ASAP Rocky, but I can tell you that he has tremendous support from the African American community in this country,» Trump stated.

US First Lady Melania Trump also commented on the matter by saying: “We are working with the State Department and we hope to get him soon.»

President Trump also posted on his Twitter saying that he spoke to another American rapper Kanye West about “ASAP Rocky’s incarceration.”

Kim Kardashian-West claimed she was on the issue as well, trying to help ASAP and posted a tweet thanking President Trump for his support.

Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer living in the US, also commented on Trump’s tweet expressing his gratitude for efforts of Trump Administration to release ASAP Rocky and called on President to also help children of migrants’ detained at the US-Mexican border.

President Trump has not yet commented on the matter.

Many have argued that President Trump decided to intervene in order to distract Americans from his dispute with four congresswomen. Yet the White House had reportedly started resolving the issue before the latest events.

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