Donald Trump’s threat to tax French wine “completely moronic,” says French farming minister


 US President Donald Trump claimed he would impose tariffs on French wine if France put on a tax on American tech companies. Yet, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said it was in France’s interest to tax digital companies worldwide, despite Trump’s threat, reported Business Line Monday.

“Wine tariffs and the digital tax are completely different issues and shouldn’t be lumped together,” he added.

President of France Emmanuel Macron reportedly signed a law to impose a 3 per cent tax on big tech companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook. When asked about the tax, Trump responded that he may impose tax on French wine instead. It is worth mentioning that wine is the biggest export for France after aerospace equipment. “It might be on wine, or it might be on something else,” he said. Trump also added that American wine is better than French wine.

According to a report by Reuters, Didier Guillaume, Farming Minister of France, said that Trump’s threat to impose tariffs of French wine was “completely moronic.”

“It’s absurd, in terms of having a political and economic debate, to say that if you tax the ‘GAFAs’, I’ll tax wine. It’s completely moronic,” he said, adding that “American wine is not better than French wine.”

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