Donald Trump’s controversial tweet weakened the army seniors’ position


On May, 6, the military prisoner, Michael Behenna, was pardoned by US president, Donald Trump. He was taken into custody for the murder in 2008 an Iraq captive, which was, by his attorney’s pardon request “self-defense”.

This controversial decision and backing up the similar cases confirm how deep the president can go in showing off the power.

Meanwhile, this case split up the military in two opposite parties. Some of them, such as retired Air Force Lt. Col. Rachel VanLandingham, a former military attorney, consider it’s like justifying a crime which could set a bad example for the soldiers. She is also really concerned about former Special Forces Maj. Matthew Golsteyn and Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher future trials. These two, who also convicted in military crimes for killing people, got Trump’s support in his Tweeter. Golsteyn, according to the president tweet is actually a “U.S. military hero”.

VanLandingham said that resolutions like this serve bad for the military authorities and justice system. It can entail a lot of testimony denials that have been made in the process by arrested militaries’ fellows and shake the system to the core.

On the other side, some people, such as Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), a Marine veteran and Timothy Parlatore, Gallagher’s civilian attorney are inspired by the president assistance and believe it’s doesn’t “hurts anything at all,” as Hunter told.

Though the president was within his Constitutional rights, his actions certainly made no good to his political status. Maybe he’s trying to win the military support for the next elections, but it shouldn’t be at the expenses of justice and approving of unreasonable murders.



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