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Donald Trump Junior is the first son of the 45th President of the United States, born in the marriage of Donald Trump and the Czech model Ivana, whose maiden name is Zelnichkova. He is a successful and educated manager, who the new Chairman of the American state entrusted to run a family business to.

When Donald Trump was appointed as President of the United States, his first son became one of the first persons of the family corporation, The Trump Organization.

Trump Jr. was born on December 31, 1977, in New York in the family of an entrepreneur, Donald Trump, and a model, Ivana Marie, who is Czech by birth. Moreover, he calls his father his mentor and best friend, despite the fact that he made up his mind to stay with his mother when his parents split up.

Donald Jr. accused his father of a rough patch in their marriage and ignored him for a year.

“Look, it’s hard to be a 12-year-old. You’re not exactly a man, but you think so.” You think you know everything. Every day you go to school and you see the first page in the magazine: “The best sex I ever had” and divorce. And you don’t even know what that means. At this age, children are naturally cruel. Your personal life becomes very public, but I had nothing to do with it. My parents had,” he says.

Trump Jr was grown with his younger sister Ivanka and brother Eric, half-sister Tiffany and half-brother Barron.

Trump Jr. got on well with grandparents on the mother’s side, Milos and Marie Zelnicek, who he visited in a suburb of Prague. He even managed to learn Czech there. His grandpa passed on his passion for fishing, hunting, and boating to him.

Nevertheless, his love of hunting was under the scrutiny of many journalist animal right activist, especially his famous visit to Zimbabwe in 2011. 

His dad does not share his passion, saying: “My sons love hunting, they have become excellent hunters. I myself do not understand this hobby and am surprised that they like it.”

Donald spent his school years at The Hill School in Pottstown, PA. Then, he studied with merits at a business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and got a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He chanced to get a scholarship of $300 a month there that raised the respect for a dollar.

“We were spoiled in many ways, but we were always taught to understand the price of a dollar. If there appeared what we want, we should have earned it ourselves. Even in college, we were financially responsible. I had 300 bucks a month. All that I wanted, except this, I had to earn,” he says.

After graduating from high school, Donald moved away to the city of Aspen, Colorado. Far from family, he enjoyed his time outside while hunting, fishing, skiing, working as a local bartender. Donald still loves hunting like his brother Eric. In his interviews, Trump Jr. admits that hunting, as well as fishing, gives him the opportunity to plunge into the arms of nature.

However, after a year in Colorado, Donald moved to New York and entered into a family business. He started working for The Trump Organization, the largest corporation owned by Donald Trump Sr. Donald assumed the function of Executive Vice President of the family corporation, took the implementation of new projects under control. In other words, he was responsible for business development in various areas.

The entrepreneur’s son regularly appeared in episodes of his father’s TV show, The Apprentice, which gained immense popularity on American television. Donald, like his brother Eric, plays an important role in the family business. In January 2017, Donald Trump Sr. made an announcement about the leadership of the family business by Donald Jr. and Eric while solving government problems. In one of his interviews, Donald Trump Jr. admitted that he would not categorically deny the possibility to become a mayor of New York. In fact, his father spoke out that he did not see his son in such a position.

Trump Jr. was married to model Vanessa Kay Haydon in November 2005. Vanessa is a graduate of Dwight School College, New York City. She was into psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, in New York.

Donald and Vanessa have raised two daughters Kai Madison, Chloe Sophia and three sons Donald John III, Tristan Milos, and Spencer Frederick.

However, the couple applied for the divorce in a Manhattan court in 2018. It is known that the initiator was the wife of Donald Trump Jr. Vanessa was not satisfied with her husband’s trips. The increased attention of journalists to their family was also irritated her.

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