Official investigation of all shadow deals of the Joe Biden family

Donald Trump asks the Department of Justice to open a formal investigation into all of the shadow deals of the Joe Biden family over the past 6 years.

While Biden served as vice president, his son Hunter became the owner of a multi-billion dollar financial business. He managed to conclude extremely lucrative deals with Chinese banks and Ukrainian companies. Moreover, investment successes of Hunter every time coincided with the arrival of his father in one country or another, where Biden Sr. agreed on everything.

One day, Biden secured the dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to stop an investigation into the activities of one of the companies with his son. And in China, the son of a vice president has invested in an IT startup that creates programs for monitoring and surveillance of the Uighurs. As is known, the Chinese authorities massively relocate the Uighurs to “re-education” camps.

The strangest thing is that, until recently, such an obvious conflict of interest did not interest the press at all. Only when Trump began to pay attention to all the stories with Biden, journalists reluctantly, and began to write about them in between times.

But this situation is really unusual — this is an investigation of one of the participants in the presidential race.

It would seem that for three years the investigation of Trump’s “conspiracy” with Russia, initiated by the previous administration, continued. And no collusion was found. But none of the representatives of the liberal public did not resent it. And when Trump just offers to investigate the real corruption schemes of the Biden family, a scandal immediately begins.

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website

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