Donald Trump acknowledged the fact that we all know today. Then he did not confess


On Thursday morning, Donald Trump wrote something relevant for Twitter (CNN).

– Russia, Russia, Russia! Everything you heard at the beginning of this story was a hoax. This is a crime that was not.

Trump did not coordinate Russia’s efforts to choose. Yes! Really!

It was Robert Muller. We already know that Muller and his team are “not enough evidence” to suggest that Trump was between them and headquarters. And we know that this year all interested parties will actively participate in the 2016 elections to help trump and work with the great evil of Hillary Clinton. They did it because they think it will be better than Clinton.

Donald Trump acknowledged the fact that we all know today. Then he did not confess

For this reason, Trump’s tweet was so interesting. The president finally admitted that everyone except him knows who knows, has told most of the past two years: Russia has sought to help Trump win in 2016, interfering – online and offline – in elections!

However, this moment was short. When he went to the Air Force Academy in Colorado to give a speech on Thursday, he stopped answering journalists ’questions. This helped him win the election. Also say:

“You chose me, who chose me?”

It is necessary to take a step back to note that Russia intervened in the elections, trying to achieve this result. Although there is evidence that during the 2016 elections, Russians split into two Florida counties, there is no evidence that these were any actual votes. Apparently, he could not determine how large (or small) the effect was.

All this means that you do not hack DNC and do not send these letters through WikiLeaks. Trump will definitely win. We just don’t know. And we will never know.

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