Donald Trump about high treason


On Thursday the president Donald Trump exposed the long list of people who, according to him, are guilty of high treason. It included the former lawyer of FBI Liza Page, the former FBI agent Peter Strzhek, the former director of FBI James Comey and the former acting as the director of FBI Andrew McCabe.

However, observers noted that at Trump dangerously wrong idea of high treason.

On Friday the correspondent of NBC Pete Williams condemned the president for the fact that he accidentally accused people of the crime which is officially punished by the death penalty.

“First, it is applicable against the USA, but not against someone ran for president”, – Williams told.

“Donald Trump, when ran for president, was a private citizen. So nobody can commit high treason against the private citizen. It is impossible”, – it continued.

“Secondly, it means something bigger, than just disloyalty. It perfect other thing. It means alignment of war with the appointed enemy against the USA”, – he added. “Yulian and Ethel Rosenberg who were condemned and sentenced to death for the fact that they gave secrets of atomic energy. They could not be accused of high treason because at the moment Russia was not the appointed enemy of the USA”, – he told.

“That is why it does not belong to political disputes or even to the one who tries to undermine a presidential campaign if, really, it and occurred”.

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