DOJ IG states investigators will assess discrepancies in James Comey’s statements

DOJ IG states investigators will assess discrepancies in James Comey's statements News

Michael Horowitz, US DOJ Inspector General, claimed that his team will investigate any inconsistencies in former FBI Director James Comey’s sworn statement before Congress, Daily Mail reported.

Horowitz appeared before the House Oversight and Reform Committee for a testimony, where he stated that Comey’s Congressional testimony will be thoroughly studied by his investigators in search for discrepancies. Rep. Mark Meadows said that his Committee has taken the report released by the IG earlier this month, compared it to the testimony Comey has given to the joint House Judiciary and Oversight Committees and found a number of irregularities.

Former FBI Director has previously stated that the investigation into US President Donald Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice was not initiated because of the president’s remarks he made in his conversation with Comey. However, Horowitz found and outlined in his report that Comey leaked his memos about his private conversations with President Trump intentionally in order to initiate the probe.

Rep. Meadows noted that both of the claims cannot be true, and stated that these inconsistencies would be referred to the IG. “We would assess it,” Horowitz responded.

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