Did the US manage to achieve peace by signing deal with Taliban?

Washington tends to talk about its achievements in a loud manner, even if they are not well confirmed. And a peace deal between the US and the Taliban is not an exception. President of the US Donald Trump claimed he had managed to resolve the conflict and bring the warring parties to the table for negotiations.

Americans have long tried to solve the problem of Afghanistan and reduce their military presence in the country, currently around 14,000 American troops remain in Afghanistan. Each time, however, they come across difficulties because the state is divided into three centers of power: a legitimate government, opposition to the government, and groups of field commanders.

As history of the East shows, declaring victory before you actually get it leads to a total collapse of plans. The Afghan Society has already begun discussing options for decentralization of the public administration system. The Taliban masterfully manipulate the Americans by provoking a struggle between Ghani and Abdullah, tearing Kabul apart.

Trump seems to have failed his promise to end war in Afghanistan. According to the Washington Examiner, the Taliban are now showing Trump who is in charge in Afghanistan as they have been really good at achieving what they want: partially easing the sanctions, releasing their people held in American and Afghan prisons, pushing the US to withdraw its troops from the country, and even nominating their presidential candidate.

Thus, there is a reason to believe that the US failed to achieve peace. Trump had declared the “victory” too early and now he should think whether or not to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan.

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