Democrats demand grand jury reveal classified testimonies from Mueller’s investigation


On Tuesday, lawyers for House Democrats demanded the grand jury reveal classified testimonies from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation since Congress probes President Donald Trump’s impeachment. The Justice Department stands up against the claim, although Chief U.S. District Judge doubted, The Associated Press reported.

The arguments during the hearing refer to the major investigations against President Donald Trump conducted by Mueller. The judge’s decision may depend on the conscientious probe of impeachment within legal judicial proceedings without a vote by the chamber. However, the opinion of Republicans and Democrats differs.

A Lawyer for the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee said on Tuesday that the impeachment follows Nancy Pelosi’s statements.

“The House under the Constitution sets its own rules and the House has sole power over impeachment,” he said.

According to the Justice Department, the court case must take place in the court itself. A Trump Administration lawyer stated on Tuesday that Democrats got groundless reasons for getting the details from Mueller’s probe.

“We feel that there has been really no showing of particularized need,” said Justice Department lawyer Elizabeth Shapiro.

According to the letter, there is information to continue the impeachment against Trump who was aware of alleged Russia’s interference in domestic affairs, though, it lacks evidence.

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